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The exile of Jacob

After Jacob’s sons tell him that Joseph is still alive, and is even the ruler of Egypt, Jacob decides to go see his son before his death. As their father, it was fitting that Jacob be led to Egypt in iron chains. It has to be taught again and again that to enter another country does not mean entering the service of another god, and that the God of Israel will still be with them in the place of their exile. But since Jacob personally would not be adversely affected by worldly homage and wealth, he was permitted to be exiled in honor, led by his son, viceroy of Egypt.

Descendants of Benedict Broennimann

Who is God Promising to Bring Back to Israel? The multiple significances of these stories are evident from the continuation of God’s final promise to Jacob: “and I Myself will also bring you back; and Joseph’s hand shall close your eyes.” Some have interpreted the final words of God to Jacob to mean, as Rashi writes, “He promised him that he (Jacob) would be interred in the Land.”. Quite naturally, it is an especially significant message for a society facing exile. Others, like Shadal, are convinced that the promise of return is for Jacob’s seed, indicating the Exodus from Egypt; and for still others it relates to every exile in every era.

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Jacob had spiritually perfected himself to the extent that nothing in this world could dampen his burning love for God. His dedication was so great that he could interrupt the emotional reunion with his beloved son Joseph, after an absence of 22 years, and proclaim God’s unity with the Shema prayer (Rashi on Gen. Jacob lives in the exile of Haran under the patronage of his conniving uncle Laban, who fools him whenever he can and takes advantage of Jacob’s status as a stranger to squeeze as much work out of him as possible. (Micah 2:12-13) How long will this exile last? John the Revelator tells us precisely, to the very day. And yes, this will be a time of trial and a refining to be sure. This time period for the exile is set for the final 3.5 years of this age. The prophet Micah said of regathered Jacob, "They will make great noise by reason of the multitude of people". Mystery Bozrah will be the place where a lot of Biblical and spiritual discussion will be going on. They intended to spend a short stay in Egypt until the famine passed.

Jacob’s descendants, however, would require the degrading aspects of exile in order to purify them and wean them from the negative influences of a materialistic lifestyle. But this is is not a grievous thing at all for those who are being called out and are responding to YHVH-God by grace through faith in His Holy Word. And there at Bozrah, in that mystery place yet unknown, all of God's covenant people will be sheltered, fed, and nurtured. The Holy Spirit measures out this final 3.5 years of the age for us in very precise terms in seven different Bible verses.

The God of Genesis is thus universal, watching over and ruling the world with everything that is in it. They will be spiritually preserved under the guidance and comfort of God's Holy Spirit. Now Jacob and all his children are moving to a new country where they will yet again experience the vulnerability of being strangers.

The very first exile of the Jewish people, the exile to Egypt, began as Jacob and his family left the Land of Israel. Aged Jacob leaves Hebron and embarks on a journey to Egypt, which is his second journey into exile from the land of Israel. After the exile to Haran (Gen 28:10ff), where he spent 20 years, he once again has to go into an exile, whose end is hard to foresee.

In any case, exile is a recurring motif throughout the book of Genesis. It will be a massive epic Apocalyptic camp meeting of Biblical proportions, and a very noisy one at that. Cain was the first exile, and Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and even Joseph experienced the difficulties and dangers of exile, together with the opportunities it may offer.

Fear Based on Life-Experience Jacob fears the exile because he has already experienced it, and hence needs God’s encouragement. 46:29). Certainly, for Jacob himself, only the second goal of exile was applicable.

We know that God's covenant people in their unrefined form as Jacob will be refined at last to become Israel.

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