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Keturah's sons

After you log in your content will be available in your library. Do we know who these individuals are today? Did they carry on the Jewish traditions?

Many already know quite a bit of the Biblical lineage of the Nasrid dynasty, the line of Joktan and Keturah. After purchase, you will receive an email from them with a redemption code, which will unlock your purchased content at Bible Gateway. The ruler-priest lines of the two first-born sons intermarried, thus preserving the bloodline of those to whom God made the promise that a woman of their people would bring forth the Seed who would crush the serpent's head and restore Paradise.

Bible Study – Abraham's Sons by Keturah | The Vine Vigil

In Genesis 25:1-6, the Torah recounts that after Sarah's death Abraham married a woman named Keturah,1 and fathered six children. I have the Torah, the Septuagint, and the Vulgate, and no where do I see anything to indicate that Sarah was Abraham's half-sister, nor that Mesak was his cousin. Content Preview This is a content preview. One day the truth will be known.

visual... Keturah's six sons represent Arabian tribes south and ...

24 When she reached the end of her pregnancy, she discovered that she had twins. After purchase, you will receive an email from them with a redemption code, which will unlock your purchased content at Bible Gateway.

This genealogy is fascinating, but you don't provide references for certain things. The book of Genesis, however, mentions that Abraham had many sons. The kinship pattern of the rulers listed in the Genesis genealogies shows two lines of descent. Buy this title to see more. For example, the name of Moses' brother Amran seems to be a conflation of Aaron with Imran, their father. Please log in below or if you don't have an account, creating one is easy and only takes a few moments. And the Arabic Zarifa seems to combine elements of Moses' Midianite wife Zipporah and his sister Miriam. According to the account in Genesis, before his death, Abraham sent off the children whom she bore "eastward, to the Land of the East."

Purchases from our store are processed by our partner, Example: Namaah, Lamech the Elder's daughter,(Gen. For instance one in this Nasrid line is: Ziphorah Saffureh and she is “the diviner or prophetess She is Tarikha el Himyari for her mother was a woman of the tribe of Himyar. But we must be grateful for the great care with which these traditions have been handed down for over 3,000 years! For, here we can unmistakably identify the Red Sea Crossing, Moses, the Israelites, their Wanderings, their battle with the Amalekites, and their search for the Promised Land.

Among the ancient Horites the pattern was double descent. The other line of descent is traced through the first-born son of the half-sister bride, as Sarah was to Abraham. The Rabbis championing this position emphasize that these offspring do not follow the spiritual way of Abraham; moreover, since they already received their inheritance from him, they are not entitled to make any further demands.

Study Bibles Commentaries Dictionaries Encyclopedias Purchased Back 1 of 1 Buy Now By clicking Buy Now you will be directed to another page. Already redeemed? Refresh the page. I am working on the lineage myself, and am sad how little many dont care. 4) married her patrilineal cousin Methuselah (Gen. 5) and named their first-born son Lamech. From where do you get this?

The average person, like myself, has been taught that Abraham had two sons: Isaac and Ishmael. 25 The first came out red all over, clothed with hair, and she named him Esau. 26 Immediately afterward, his brother came out gripping Esau’s heel, and she named him Jacob. This pattern, which I call the "cousin bride's naming prerogative," is found with the names Joktan, Sheba and Esau, among others. Already have a redemption code? Redeem it here. I hope for this information to become well known someday. One is traced through the cousin/niece bride who named her first-born son after her father. You must be logged in to view your newly purchased content. Why? Purchases from our store are processed by our partner, Isaac was 60 years old when they were born.

In opposition to the view that the offspring of Keturah were the realization of the Lord’s promise to Abraham, another approach presents them as perpetually menacing Israel. I know of many others as well in this line.

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