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Isaac and Rebekah

The realization that he has been deceived shocks Isaac, yet he acknowledged that Jacob received the blessings as sworn, by adding, "Indeed, he will be blessed!" (52:8). Then Rebekah, like the servant, was led by the Holy Spirit into the place of decision. She thought she was doing what was right, but God never asks us to sin in order to accomplish His will. Rashi explains that Isaac smelled the heavenly scent of Gan Eden (Paradise) when Jacob entered his room and, in contrast, perceived Gehenna opening beneath Esau when the latter entered the room, showing him that he had been deceived all along by Esau's show of piety. His birth was the highlight of their eventful and exciting walk with God. Though faced with a situation of great uncertainty — that of traveling to a strange and distant land to marry a man she had never seen — she obeyed the voice which spoke to her heart, that voice which was distinct in that it whispered to her of things apart from her own nature, her own desires, knowledge, and discernment. By her deception, Rebekah further alienated her husband from her; she enraged and totally estranged her firstborn son; and while she thought her beloved Jacob would be gone a few days, she never saw him again, When he returned home twenty years later, Isaac was still alive, but Rebekah lay next to Abraham and Sarah in the sepulcher cave of Machpelah.

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46 “She quickly lowered her jar from her shoulder and said, ‘Drink, and I’ll water your camels too.’ So I drank, and she watered the camels also.

Jacob and Esau - Friend Feb. 1990 - friend

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And she finished giving him to drink, and she said, "I will also draw for your camels, until they will have finished drinking." And she hastened, and she emptied her pitcher into the trough, and she ran again to the well to draw water, and she drew for all his camels. Submissiveness would seem to be the only way to explain how old Abraham could bind the young man and lay him on the altar of sacrifice. You can almost feel the melodrama as she exclaims, “I am tired of living because of the daughters of Heth; if Jacob takes a wife from the daughters of Heth, like these, from the daughters of the land, what good will my life be to me?” (Gen. Supplying water for thirsty camels is a very demanding job.

Jacob had scarcely left the room when Esau returned from the hunt to receive the blessing. Trickery and cunning were valued, because the world was dangerous and unpredictable, and people needed every advantage they could get, to survive. In ancient times, however, this duo of schemers would have been admired. 27:46). In order to enjoy that privileged position, he obviously had to have a son, and we have traced the struggles of faith that finally brought Abraham and Sarah their son. And the man was astonished at her, standing silent, to know whether G-d had caused his way to prosper or not.

In the modern world, we admire honesty and integrity. It was another masterful performance. What happiness Isaac brought to their home! And he was such a good boy—dutiful, obedient, and submissive to his parents. Rebecca may have hated what she had to do - but it was necessary, given Esau's impetuous foolishness and the long term effect it would have on the tribe.

Poor Rebekah. God substituted a ram in that suspense-packed drama of obedience and faith; Isaac was delivered and the three of them were joyfully reunited as a family.

In order to get Isaac to agree to her plan, she had to deceive him again. She chose to walk by that spirit of faith which had been engendered within her. The actions of Rebecca and Jacob seem underhand to us. So Isaac dutifully called Jacob in and instructed him to go to Haran to find a wife. We will not share your email address Subscribe No Thanks

Rebekah, inspired by nothing more than a caring heart, drew water, not only for the servant but also for his carmel's. And being found faithful, she also received her reward.

God promised Abraham he would be the father of a great nation. She recognized the call of God upon her heart and responded. And it's free.

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